Charcoal or gas? Settling the great grill debate.

Top 10 Gas Grills under $250 for 2013

Weber Q Series The Weber Q Series is a line of compact, durable gas grills that are designed for portability, ease of use, and quick grilling. They don’t have the most powerful burners around, and depending on the model you get, they need to rest on top of a sturdy surface (since they may not have legs or wheels of their own), but they’re affordable (the Weber Q 100 is $149 at Amazon , while the high-end, free-standing Weber Q 320 is $379 at Amazon ) by comparison to some of Weber’s other models and offer many features that apartment dwellers or people who don’t cook outside that frequently will love and appreciate. All of the Weber Q models feature one-touch electric ignition switches, porcelain enameled cooking hoods and cast-iron cooking grates, and feature one or two burners (two on the higher-end models), and the higher-end models feature built-in thermometers and side-mounted work surfaces for platters or storage while you work. Those of you who praised the Q series noted its portability, ease of setup, and its ability to cook for four or five people at once without a problem, no matter where you set it up. If you’re looking for a grill you can toss in the back of the car with you when you go camping or head out on vacation, the Q may be the one for you. Now that you’ve seen your nominees, it’s time to vote for the all out winner: The honorable mention this week goes out to Traeger’s Wood Pellet Grills and Smokers , which earned several nominations but not enough to get into the top five. You praised the Traeger models for using a different type of fuel, eliminating the need for charcoal briquettes or propane refills and hoses, and for their design and build quality. If you’re looking at charcoal versus gas and wishing you had an alternative, here you go. Have something to say about one of the contenders? Want to make the case for your personal favorite, even if it wasn’t included in the list? Remember, the top five are based on your most popular nominations from the call for contenders thread from earlier in the week .
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Five Best Grills

Broil-Mate Reddi-Bilt 15516 (Model #155164) Onward Manufacturing Company If you are serious about grilling and want a grill that delivers both high and even heat and gives you a lot of control, but don’t want to spend a lot of money then this is a great grill for you. It might not look modern but Broil-Mate has been making great grills for years. This model will give you plenty of space at 400 square inches or primary cooking area and a total of 700 square inches, and plenty of power with its 44,000 BTU main burner output. 7. Master Forge Small Space Gas Grill Model# MFA350CNP Lowes Home Improvement Recently small grills have become a popular seller. Since many people live in smaller spaces the need for a “little” full sized grill has grown. This is Lowes answer to that problem. This store brand grill is about as basic as you are going to get, a simple 2-burner gas grill with a small footprint. Being simple is one of this grills strong points. Because it doesn’t have all the extras, more money could be spent on quality, not to say that this is a top of the line grill, it is however better than other grills at this price (around $200USD) with all the bells and whistles. 8.
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John Dunham/The Messenger-Inquirer/AP/File Enlarge The outdoor cookout season is just about here; we can almost taste the flame-broiledness! But, if the warm spring has you drooling to buy a new grill, you may want to hold off just a bit longer as the best grill deals begin in June, and really start smoking in July. is devoted to finding the best deals on consumer goods, whether or not they’re from an advertiser. For more great offers visit , which works with advertisers to craft offers for readers. Recent posts The Christian Science Monitor Weekly Digital Edition Ideally though you should start doing your research now, so when the hottest grill deals do start rolling in, you’ll be ready to pounce. To help you pick the perfect grill for your outdoor cooking needs, we’ll explore the charcoal vs. gas grill debate, look at the cost of both, and weigh a number of other grilling variables. RECOMMENDED: 22 summer salads Grill Cost There’s little doubt that a charcoal grill which can be as simple as a cooking grate and a receptacle to hold the bricks is an inexpensive outdoor grill. Of course, a high-end charcoal grill can cost upwards of $400, while the cheapest gas grills generally start at $100.
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Consumer Reports top rated gas grills

Some grills do more than the basics, including one with a rotisserie that also has a side burner, perfect for keeping a pot boiling. And youll even find an oven in one Kenmore grill. Consumer Reports was able to bake a pretty good cake in the oven, though the bottom was darker than one baked in a regular oven. Things can heat up in Consumer Reports labs. Testers apply thermocouples to the grates to measure how evenly a grill distributes heat. Pre-heating is important, too. Testers preheated the grills for 10 minutes to see whether thats enough, measuring the temperature and evenness across the grates. Some grills do better than others. And the Winners Are…
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