Frigidaire 27″ Gas Grill: Any Reviews?

It’s even sold by, which gives free shipping (and no sales tax in my state) at $799. I’ve located a discounter in my state that sells it for $729. There is an appliance store in my area that just sent me a flyer advertising the 30″ model for $699, so possibly they offer the 27″ at similar savings. Up to now, I haven’t actually SEEN this model up close. Does not include rotisserie kit, but does include cover and tool set. I like the fact that the left side table includes a storage drawer, rather than just serving as a second side table. The SS is 304 but I don’t know how thick/heavy it is. I understand that heavier hoods retain heat better and make it less hot/uncomfortable for people seated near the grill. (note: due to the relatively large width of Weber grills–resulting from the placement of the controls on the side of the hood–they’re not even under consideration, despite their reputation—there simply isn’t any room for anything but a Silver A) So, anyone have experience with the 27″ model?
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Consumer Reports Gas Grill Tests: Weber’s Spirit Line Tops Latest Ratings

“Some budget-friendly models delivered impressive performance and came with the bonus of electronic igniters and long warranties for burners something to look for if you’re hoping to stick with your grill for the long haul.” Five Features that Count More grills now have convenient features such as electronic igniters, fuel gauges, illuminated control knobs for nighttime grilling, and fold-down shelves for food prep. Here are five gas-grill features to consider when buying: Electronic igniters are usually easier and more reliable than a rotary or push-button starter. Rounded edges are safer than sharp ones, especially if kids are afoot. To test a grill’s sturdiness, nudge it in several places, and press down on the side shelf to see if it will support a heavy pot. Burner warranties of 10 years or longer are a plus since burners are the most frequently replaced part. Stainless steel or coated cast-iron grates tend to be better for searing, though stainless is more durable. The cooking surface should be big enough to fit enough food to feed a griller’s usual crowd. this link Larger grills usually have bigger cooking areas, but not always. Keep in mind, Consumer Reports doesn’t count warming racks and searing burners in its measurements, but manufacturers might. Great Grilling Gadgets Consumer Reports’ also tried out grill gadgets including veggie, fish, and rib cookers, and pizza stones. Here’s what testers found. Master Forge grill wok 25375, $17 (Lowe’s).
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